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MYRMICA boat drawing


70ft 0in


Canal Transport Services


CTS & previous owner






BSS Certificate to 2022


Perkins 3HD46 diesel

Bow thruster:




Last out of water:

July 2020

Water tank:

Bow locker stainless steel 100 gallon (approx) water tank


6ft 5in; Boatmans 5ft 4in; Engine room 5ft 7in

Fit-out materials:

Hull sides lined in carpet in saloon, galley & bedroom, painted t&g boarding in bathroom, Dalsouple in engine room, with cabin sides oak plywood with wallpaper in bathroom, painted t&g boarding in engine room, headlining (ceiling) ash plywood with painted t&g boarding in engine room and bulkheads (partitions) oak plywood, tiled in bathroom


Polystyrene foam


2 + 2

Berths sizes:

6ft 3in x 4ft 6in permanent double cross with pocket sprung mattress; 5ft 5in x 3ft 11in cross double with foam mattress in Boatmans cabin; Boatmans cabin bed can be a 7ft 5in x 1ft 10in single lengthways

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Bosch Max 6 washing machine


Thetford flush cassette toilet with 2 spare cassettes


Acrylic bath 46in x 29in with tiled linings including shower over and curtain


Gas cooking; Vanette 4000/2 4 burner hob; Vanette GG7000 grill & oven; Boatmans cabin range

Water heating:

Calorifier heated by engine, diesel stove & immersion Fitted with 5 litre accumulator tank

Cabin heating:

Kabola Old English diesel stove with back boiler; Boatmans cabin range

Mains 230V:

230V circuit installed; Independent onboard 230V power from batteries via Sterling 3.5kW pure sine wave inverter /charger and Sterling 1.8kW modified sine wave inverter; Charging by Sterling 95A inverter/charger and Sterling 50A charger; Trickle charging from 2 x 125W solar panels


A glazed, decorated cratchboard with vinyl cover is fitted over the well deck.


ABNB at North Kilworth Marina

Price: £


Current status:

New this week

Myrmica is a striking vessel which ever way you look at her. The eye catching shell was produced by Canal Transport Services at their Norton Canes yard, where Dennis Cooper along with his son Matthew have built a tremendous reputation for their solid workmanship and have recently celebrated their 57th year in the boat building industry. The interior is by no means the poor relation, the Boatmans cabin was built by CTS, with the remaining fit-out by the previous owner, which puts many so called professional boat fitters to shame. All traditional decorations are by well regarded Phil Speight. Heating is by the tried and tested reliable Old English diesel stove with water coil to heat the domestic water and radiators, fed from its own dedicated tank situated in the well deck, plus of course the solid fuel range in the Boatmans cabin. Motive power is provided by a gutsy 3 cylinder, 46hp Perkins engine, swinging a 22in by 18in propeller, which coupled with long swims fore and aft, should guarantee good handling capabilities.

MYRMICA boat photo
3764bathP.jpg 3764bedLAP.jpg 3764bedboxL.jpg 3764bmcLAL.jpg 3764engineL.jpg 3764fP.jpg 3764gLFL.jpg 3764wmP.jpg
3764bmcLFL.jpg 3764bowL.jpg 3764bunmadeLAP.jpg 3764corridorP.jpg 3764gLAP.jpg 3764nameL.jpg 3764sLFL.jpg 3764wbwcP.jpg
3764bLFP.jpg 3764bmc2LAL.jpg 3764bunmadeLFL.jpg 3764engrmLAP.jpg 3764sLAL.jpg 3764stL.jpg 3764tablecbdP.jpg 3764welldeckP.jpg

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