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Licences & Moorings


There is no definitive list of moorings. Although it would seem that it should be easy to make a complete list, so far no one has achieved it to our knowledge - if anyone knows better, please let us know. Some marina operators choose not to be on a list as they don't want the aggro of people visiting or contacting asking about vacancies.

The main sources of information on moorings are:

  • National magazines - Waterways World, Canal & Riverboat, Canal Boat - produce an annual list of moorings but they are not complete as they depend on the boatyards returning a postal questionnaire. If a mooring base is not on the mailing list, it will never be in the magazine published list. Some yards do not wish to have their details published.
  • The Navigation Authority for the waterway - Canal & River Trust, Environment Agency, National Trust, and the private navigations such as the Upper & Lower Avon Navigation Trusts, Bridgewater Canal, Basingstoke Canal etc. Cruising Guides - Nicholson's, Pearson's etc - all list details of boatyards, the majority of whom have moorings.
  • Internet sites
  • Other boaters
  • Walking or cycling the towpaths or cruising the canals in the area of your choice.


The price of the mooring depends on the facilities offered and the demand in that area.

  • A mooring on a farmer's field with no facilities or no parking may cost £15 to £20 per foot per year.
  • Average mooring fees around the Crick area for marina based moorings (with water, electricity, pump-out, diesel, gas, parking) are £30 to £45 per foot per year for the mooring only.
  • A marina with full facilities (including 24-hour security, secure parking, water & electric on each pontoon, pump-out, laundry, shower rooms, chandlery, docking, diesel & gas sales, servicing) would cost £40 to £60+ per foot per year for the mooring only.


Licences are purchased from the Navigation Authority whose area you wish to cruise or moor in. C&RT fees at the moment can range from £400 to £1,000 per year depending on the boat size.

For links to various navigation websites click here: Navigation Authorities

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