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Finance & Insurance

Seeking finance to help buy your dream boat?

UK Marine Finance Houses for Narrowboats

Can I get a mortgage for a boat, or do you do finance on boats? Questions we are often asked and we can only point buyers in the direction of finance companies we have dealt with in the past. Visit their websites to find out what they have to offer.

Arkle Finance Ltd

Promarine Finance

Seeking insurance for your dream boat?

List of known UK Insurance Companies for Narrowboats

Do you do insurance for the boats you sell? We don't but the companies listed here can, just visit their website for a quote.

Collidge & Partners

Craft Insure


GJW Direct

Newton Crum

Inland Waterways

Haven Knox Johnston

Assist Insurance Services Ltd

Please note that ABNB is not a member of the FCA and so is not permitted to (regarding finance or insurance): give advice; recommend a particular company; discuss differing products; handle premiums; assist in completing an application; or pass on details to clients.

Selling Through ABNB

Selling Through ABNB

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Boats for Sale

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Buying through ABNB

Buying through ABNB

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