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Boats with a mooring

What is a residential mooring?

A residential mooring is generally an official mooring provided by a marina or landowner with the approval of the local authority for continuous occupation of the boat whilst on the mooring. This is in contrast to a leisure mooring whereby occassional use of the boat is expected, with the owners permanent address being elsewhere.

What is a residential mooring likely to cost?

The price of the mooring depends on the facilities offered and the demand in that area. For example, a mooring next to a farmer's field with no facilities or no parking may cost £20 to £30 per foot per year. Average mooring fees around the Crick area for marina based moorings (with water, electricity, pump-out, diesel, gas, parking) are £45 to £60 per foot per year for the mooring only. A marina with full facilities (including 24-hour security, secure parking, water & electric on each pontoon, pump-out, laundry, shower rooms, chandlery, docking, diesel & gas sales, servicing) would cost £60 to £90+ per foot per year for the mooring only.

Is a residential mooring guaranteed if I buy a boat with a mooring?

No, as often potential moorers are usually vetted for suitability by the marina or landowner

What is a leasehold mooring?

In some locations, the landowner leases a plot of land for use as a mooring. The plot can be alongside a waterway or within a marina complex (a car park space for example) with rights to moor a boat up to a certain length. Often a leasehold mooring can be sub-let to enable someone else to moor their boat and provide an income for the leaseholder

What costs are involved with a leasehold mooring?

The costs depend upon the lease, but are generally a one-off purchase and then on-going charges for the lifetime of the lease, such as ground rent and services charges. Any leasehold moorings that we offer provide details of price and on-going costs.

Where can I find a leasehold mooring?

Some boats, especially in the London area, are sold with a leasehold mooring. Occasionally other leasehold moorings become available, with or without a boat. Any that we currently offer are shown below.

Is a leasehold mooring guaranteed?

No, as potential purchasers are usually vetted for suitability by the marina or landowner.

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