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CANTERBURY SWAN boat drawing


57ft 8in


Canal Transport Services




Traditional with Boatmans cabin




BSS Certificate to 2026


Gardner 4LK diesel

Bow thruster:




Last out of water:

January 2022

Water tank:

Under deck plastic 130 gallon (approx) water tank


6ft 1in; Boatmans 5ft 7in; Engine room 6ft 2in

Fit-out materials:

Hull sides lined in oak plywood or painted t&g, with cabin sides painted plywood or boarding, headlining (ceiling) pine beaded t&g boarding and bulkheads (partitions) oak or painted plywood


Sprayed PU foam/polystyrene foam Condition of underfloor space can be checked through hatches in Boatmans cabin & shower room


2 + 2

Berths sizes:

6ft 4in x 4ft 0in permanent double with interior sprung mattress; 6ft 0in x 2ft 1in make-up single with foam mattress In saloon; 6ft 0in x 2ft 3in make-up single with foam mattress in Boatmans cabin

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Beko WMP631S washing machine


composting toilet


Quadrant shower 29in x 29in with laminate linings and acrylic doors Shower lining incorporates seat


Gas cooking; Thetford Midi Prima MkIII grill & oven; Spinflo 4 burner hob; Boatmans cabin range

Water heating:

Calorifier heated by engine, boiler & immersion; Morco instantaneous water heater

Cabin heating:

Kabola E5 diesel boiler with 230V circulation pump,; Squirrel solid fuel stove; Boatmans cabin range

Mains 230V:

230V circuit installed; Independent onboard 230V power from batteries via Victron 24V 3kW pure sine wave inverter /charger; Evopower petrol generator 2.8kW at 5,400rpm; Charging by Victron 24V 70A inverter/charger; Trickle charging from 3 x 100W solar panels with MPPT controller


A painted hardwood and glazed cratchboard with vinyl cover is fitted over the well deck. A hull survey dated November 2021 is available to read when booking a viewing.


ABNB at North Kilworth Marina

Price: £


Current status:

Awaiting contracts

Talk to any traditional boat enthusiast and the name Canal Transport Services is held in high regard. Note the flowing lines and quality of her steelwork, but the main talking point has to be the magnificent Gardner 4LK diesel engine, which sits majestically in its own cabin and produces the kind of mellow exhaust note that many boat owners can only dream of. At just over 57ft long and with 57hp on tap, Canterbury Swan is a craft on which to enjoy all the canals and rivers of the connected inland waterways system. Internally the fit out is in oak and painted surfaces forward of the painted engine room with a traditionally scumbled and painted Boatmans cabin. Creature comforts are provided by a Kabola diesel boiler which is complemented by both a solid fuel stove and a range. A full width shower room houses a composting toilet, along with the usual washbasin and shower cubicle. On board power is provided by a 24V system, with a 3kW pure sine wave inverter/charger and a 2.8kW petrol generator, the latter of which is housed in a separate compartment on the starboard side and which slides out on rails. Three 100W solar panels should keep your batteries in tip top condition.

3835bmcLAL.jpg 3835bmcLFL.jpg 3835engrmLAP.jpg 3835g2LAP.jpg 3835geneP.jpg 3835nameL.jpg 3835sLAL.jpg 3835shP.jpg 3835stL.jpg 3835wcwbP.jpg
3835aftdeckP.jpg 3835bLAL.jpg 3835bmcbedLFL.jpg 3835bowL.jpg 3835dLAP.jpg 3835gLFL.jpg 3835kabolaP.jpg 3835welldeckL.jpg 3835welldeckP.jpg 3835wmP.jpg
3835bLFL.jpg 3835dLFL.jpg 3835engineP.jpg 3835engrmLFL.jpg 3835fP.jpg 3835gLAP.jpg 3835rangeP.jpg 3835sLFL.jpg 3835solarL.jpg 3835tablecbdP.jpg

Whilst we endeavour to ensure the details listed here are correct there may be some listings awaiting vendors approval. Please check the brochure details for the boat that interests you. If you are still in any doubt please contact the office by telephone or email where a member of the team will do their utmost to help.

PLEASE NOTE: This is sales information and not a survey report; providing content details only. The specification in these pages is based on ABNB's visit to the boat and on information given by the owner. This is to help you decide whether to investigate the boat further, be it by surveyor or otherwise. The information here is given in good faith but no description, statement, promise of work to be done, or suggestion for future use, constitutes an offer. If the craft leaves the UK, any necessary VAT paid status may not be available.



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