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ECKY THUMP boat drawing


60ft 0in


S M Hudson Boatbuilders


S M Hudson Boatbuilders


Traditional with Boatmans cabin




BSS Certificate to 2024


Lister JP2M diesel

Bow thruster:

Nobels 9hp 12V bow thruster



Last out of water:

November 2022

Water tank:

Under deck stainless steel 150 gallon (approx) water tank


6ft 3in; Boatmans 5ft 3in; Engine room 5ft 3in

Fit-out materials:

Cabin sides & headlining (ceiling) lined in oak beaded tongue & groove boarding, scumbled in engine room & Boatman s cabin, with hull sides oak plywood with painted ply to engine room, scumbled in Boatman s cabin and bulkheads (partitions) oak plywood, scumbled in engine room & Boatman s cabin


Sprayed PU foam


2 + 3

Berths sizes:

6ft 0in x 2ft 6in make-up single with foam mattress; 6ft 4in x 4ft 0in permanent double with interior sprung mattress; 6ft 0in x 4ft 0in make-up double with foam mattress in Boatman s cabin

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Zanussi Aquacycle washing machine


Dometic pump out toilet


Quadrant shower 30in x 30in with tiled linings and glass doors


Gas cooking; Midi Prima MkIII Thetford grill & oven; Spinflo 4 burner hob; Boatmans cabin range

Water heating:

Calorifier heated by engine, boiler & immersion

Cabin heating:

Mikuni MX40 compact diesel boiler; Squirrel solid fuel stove; Boatmans cabin range

Mains 230V:

230V circuit installed; Independent onboard 230V power from batteries via Sterling 2.5kW pure sine wave inverter /charger; Charging by Sterling 55A inverter/charger and Sterling 50A charger; Trickle charging from 2 x 370W solar panels with MPPT controller


Immediately recognisable as a Hudson, with the long voluptuous bow. A quality, in-depth fit-out, with the fabulous JP2M engine. A comprehensive build diary for Ecky Thump can be found online via a quick Google search.


ABNB at North Kilworth Marina

Price: £


Current status:

Awaiting survey

An excellent example of a much sought after SM Hudson narrowboat, Ecky Thump has all the bells and whistles that one expects from this pedigree. From the distinctive Hudson bow, low deck, replica rivets, pigeon boxes, signature bulkhead rings and 15mm baseplate, to the substantial oak fit-out, this boat was certainly built to last. There is a magnificent vintage (1936) Lister JP2M engine, rebuilt in 2011 by Marine Power Services, situated in its own engine room forward of the Boatman's cabin, both of which are traditionally scumbled and painted. Forward of the engine room, is a walk-through, modern shower room, leading to the master bedroom with permanent double. There is a fully equipped galley with the usual gas cooking, along with a microwave, fridge and washing machine. The saloon at the fore has a comfy sofa and a drop table for dining at. Central heating is via a Mikuni diesel boiler to radiators and a towel rail, with additional warmth from a solid fuel stove in the saloon and an Epping range in the back cabin. 230V power when not connected to the shore is provided by a 2.5kW Sterling inverter/charger, with two 370W solar panels keeping the batteries topped up.

ECKY THUMP boat photo
4054bLAL.jpg 4054bmcbedLAP.jpg 4054brasslightP.jpg 4054dLAL.jpg 4054dLFP.jpg 4054droptableP.jpg 4054eppingrangeP.jpg 4054foreL.jpg 4054gLFL.jpg 4054listerdaytankL.jpg 4054roofhatchesL.jpg 4054salbedLFL.jpg 4054solarL.jpg 4054wmP.jpg
4054bLFL.jpg 4054bmcbedLFP.jpg 4054bmccupboardsL.jpg 4054bowL.jpg 4054buckbycanP.jpg 4054engL.jpg 4054engLAP.jpg 4054fP.jpg 4054g2LAL.jpg 4054nameL.jpg 4054pigeonboxL.jpg 4054sLAL.jpg 4054wcwbP.jpg 4054welldeckL.jpg
4054bmcLAL.jpg 4054bmcLAP.jpg 4054dLFL.jpg 4054eng2LFP.jpg 4054engP.jpg 4054g3LFL.jpg 4054gLAL.jpg 4054oldthumperL.jpg 4054pigeonbox2L.jpg 4054sLFL.jpg 4054shP.jpg 4054stL.jpg 4054umbrellaL.jpg 4054welldeckP.jpg

Whilst we endeavour to ensure the details listed here are correct there may be some listings awaiting vendors approval. Please check the brochure details for the boat that interests you. If you are still in any doubt please contact the office by telephone or email where a member of the team will do their utmost to help.

PLEASE NOTE: This is sales information and not a survey report; providing content details only. The specification in these pages is based on ABNB's visit to the boat and on information given by the owner. This is to help you decide whether to investigate the boat further, be it by surveyor or otherwise. The information here is given in good faith but no description, statement, promise of work to be done, or suggestion for future use, constitutes an offer. If the craft leaves the UK, any necessary VAT paid status may not be available.



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