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A full pre-purchase survey will cost you somewhere between £400 & £700; if the survey is out of the water it will also cost between £100 & £200 docking charges depending how the boat is taken out of the water - dry dock and slipway are generally cheaper than a fixed crane. A mobile crane that has to be brought on site may cost as much as £550 - be wary, sometimes the price quoted is one-way only i.e. £300 to take it out & £300 to put it back in.

The level of survey is your choice. It can be a full pre-purchase survey of the whole craft, or an "in the water" report of the boat interior (internal services and quality of fit out etc.) or an out of the water hull survey alone, or simply an engine report.
Remember that if seeking marine finance, the survey must include a valuation.

If you have specific questions or worries, put the questions in writing to your surveyor before the inspection, asking for specific answers.

Also ask if (s)he carries Professional Indemnity insurance & if (s)he is a member of a professional association. Membership to each association is shown beneath each surveyors name. The list given below explains this further.

YDSA - The Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association. Members have to pass an entry examination and submit reports for approval before accreditation by the Association.
IMarEST- The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology. Members have to hold a suitable marine based qualification or many years of experience within the marine sector.
IIMS- The International Institute of Marine Surveying. Members have to submit reports for approval before accreditation by the Institute.
Dip.MarSur- Diploma in Marine Surveying offered by the IIMS.
ABSE- Association of Boat Safety Examiners. Members have to be qualified Boat Safety Scheme examiners.
NABSE- The Nationwide Alliance of Boat Surveyors & Examiners is a Limited Liability Partnership that was formed to ensure that UK boat owners receive the very best of in-scope professional services.
IEng- Incorporated Engineer - Engineering Council

It is important to ask the surveyor what he is going to inspect and what he isn't; what he will do and what he won't do - there is no set routine/format as to what constitutes a pre-purchase survey. Some surveyors will now include the issue of a new BSS Certificate if everything complies.

Ovation Boat Surveys
Chris Williams

Narrowboat Surveyor & BSS Examiner

07963 974 793
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Michael Clarke

Narrowboat Surveyor & BSS Examiner

07944 856 351 or 01604 858 868
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Mark Douglas Marine
Mark Douglas - YDSA

Narrowboat Surveyor & BSS Examiner

07596 454 701 or 01778 345 422
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email enquiry

HMS Surveys

Marine Surveyor

07796 392 770
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Hands On Marine
Steve Hand - IIMS

Marine Engineering Consultancy

07908 885 034
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Tom Keeling

Marine Surveys

07976 631 920
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Small Craft Consultancy
Jonathan Leask - IMarEst

RCD • BSS • CE Documentation

email enquiry
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I J Marine
Ian Jennings

Marine Surveyor & BSS Examiner

01604 716 832 or 07828 100 418
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Iain Jones

Marine Surveyor & BSS Examiner

07860 119 476

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Trevor Whitling

Marine Surveyor

07767 888 255 or 01788 824 191
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Ben Sutcliffe Marine
Ben Sutcliffe - YDSA

Narrowboat Surveyor & BSS Examiner

07796 457 307
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S R Marine Surveys
Steve Roberts - IIMS, YDSA

Small craft, leisure & commercial surveys

07767 244 929 or 0151 707 8300
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Craig Allen Marine

Marine Surveyor and Boat Safety Examiner

07973 939 123or01327 879 655
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Tucker Designs

Naval Architects & Surveyors

01442 253 775
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Fernpatch Consulting Ltd
Charles Riley - IIMS

Narrowboat Surveyor & BSS Examiner

07713 502 869
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D R Stewart Marine Services
David Stewart - IIMS

Narrowboat Surveyor & BSS Examiner

07962 398 530
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If you would like to be included in this list please email OR call us on 01788 822 115

Whilst we have provided the contact details for the various surveyors listed above we can only recommend their services based on our previous experience and knowledge of their practises. It does not serve as a guarantee for or against the individuals involved and any works they may have carried out on your behalf.

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